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Fathom Analytics review: The best Google Analytics alternative that’s also privacy-first

Fathom Analytics offers sites 100% Data ownership, full privacy law compliance, and complete visitor results through its ability to bypass ad-blockers. With its beautifully minimalist design and enterprise-grade infrastructure, it’s the best alternative to Google Analytics.

Fathom Analytics

How to secure macOS, iOS, and iPadOS on a public WiFi network

Public WiFi connections have become ubiquitous, but are they safe? There's a very good chance many of them aren't, which is why you really need to consider securing your MacBook, iPad, or iPhone when connecting to them.

Apple plus StrongVPN

Best way to backup your Mac

This is a tested and foolproof plan for automatically backing up your hard drive, so you never have to worry about data loss again.

Apple Mac Computers

‘Product-Led SEO’ book review: A blueprint for leveraging SEO for organic growth

Eli Schwartz outlines a comprehensive approach to incorporating SEO into product development to help propel growth via search engines.

Product-Led SEO

Little Warden review: An essential site monitoring tool for webmasters and agencies

Created for webmasters, site owners, and agencies, Little Warden automatically checks and monitors everything important for site health and SEO. As soon as it detects an issue, it sends an alert to help you address problems quickly.

Little Warden

Memberful review: The best membership solution for WordPress and beyond

Memberful provides a robust, easy-to-use membership management service that's ideal for WordPress. Additionally, their third-party integrations, OAuth 2.0 support, and API enable Memberful to be used without WordPress and with custom applications.


YubiKey review: The best hardware security keys for two-factor authentication (2FA)

The diverse YubiKey options enable you to use the best security key for each device. They are more convenient and secure than SMS, email, and authenticator apps, which provides peace of mind that essential accounts are safer from being hacked.

Yubico YubiKey

CleanMyMac review: An essential macOS app for file maintenance, anti-malware, privacy, and speed

Jon Henshaw reviews CleanMyMac; an essential app used to optimize macOS to keep it fast and secure.


Level Bolt review: A HomeKit enabled smart lock that works with existing deadbolts

The Level Bolt is a smart lock that doesn’t require changing the design of existing deadbolts. The smart lock replaces the internal hardware and is controlled remotely via HomeKit.

Level Lock

Topicbox review: Hybrid group messaging for teams

Fastmail leveraged its experience with email and web apps to create Topicbox. The hybrid group messaging service allows each team member the option to use email or discussion forums for the same topic thread.